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Is Your Child Being Bullied At School?


As parents, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between your child just being in a bad mood or if there is really something deeper going on they are not telling you about.  If your child is bullied, it can take on many faces with your child.  This blog will go into what to look for if you suspect your child might be the victim of bullying.

Who Does Bullying Affect?


Bullying affects more than just one person in almost all cases.  Bullies target individuals, groups of people, families, and sometimes even organizations.  This blog will take a deeper look at who is affected and how.

Bullying: Do You Know The Types?


Did you know there are several different types of bullying?  Do our kids know the difference between them?

Bullying is has become a word that no school, administrator, or teacher takes lightly.  When a student reports they are being bullied, all hands are on deck to try to get to the bottom of the situation.  Students, esepcially those experiencing disabilities, have a difficult time sharing and explaining what happened.  Helping them learn the different types of bullying might give them the tools they need to express the incident.

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