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LEARN Meetup Group on Bullying

MeetupGroupLEARN: Learn to Educate & Advocate Resource Network is proud to host our first Meetup Group for parents of students with disabilities.  We will have a guest speaker and our topic of discussion is bullying.  This is a great opportunity to learn new ideas and to network with other parents in the area.

I'm A Bully: How To Help Your Child


Respond to Bullying


Is your child bullied at school?  Does your child have a disability that makes it difficult for them to express what goes on at school?  Does your child feel because they are different they are targeted for bullying? Do you need help teaching your child how to cope?

Trying to help a child who is being bullied is a difficult task.  Often parents find it hard to not take the bullying on as their own problem.  This article focuses on how to help teach the child how to cope and what steps parents can take to help.

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