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Meltdowns & Autism Awareness: A Resource For Parents

Is your child on the autism spectrum?  Do you frequently get overwhelmed with others not understanding their actions?

Taking a child experiencing disabilities to new, unfamiliar places can be a difficult task.  You never know how they might react and more importantly, you never know how others will react if they have a meltdown.

We have found some "autism cards" that give others a heads up on why your child might have a sudden meltdown.  Movie theatres, public buses or even airplanes might be an appropraite place to give those around you a heads up so they are more understanding.

Here are somethings you should know about meltdowns in children on the autism spectrum:

  • they are frequently to gain attention
  • can result in self harm
  • can occur anywhere 
  • will typically wind down on their own
  • the child typically feels out of control

For more information on meltdowns, visit EmaxHealth.

Autism: Know The Signs


Developmental milestones are important indicators that show if a child is developing as they should or if they have a slight delay or something more serious.  Knowing what signs to look for in a baby or child is essential to offsetting some of the symptoms associated with autism and receiving immediate treatment. Find out what key milestones a child might miss if they have the beginning signs of autism.

The Truth About Autism


Do you know the TRUTH about autism

Kids on the spectrum have no feelings.

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