An Inside Look At Ponte Vedra's Newest Private School


Finding a new school for your child with disabilities can be difficult. As a parent, determining when you need to pull your child from their school, if the school will be a good fit for them and if they will make friends in a new place is something that can be worrisome. The Broach School has opened a brand new campus in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl for the Fall of 2018 and there's so many things we want you to know!

The Broach School has served Jacksonville area students for 45 years and counting. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Tommie Broach, started the schools in 1973 to encourage students who were struggling in the traditional classroom setting. We now serve over 400 students with disabilities at 5 different campus locations.

Our campus in Ponte Vedra opened in the Fall of 2018 with six classrooms, therapy rooms, a conference room and a large multi-purpose building.


A few highlights of our Ponte Vedra Campus include:

-We offer personalized instruction. Not every student in every classroom will be working on the same assignment or even the same subject. Our curriculum can be adjusted to meet the students on their level to maximize their success.

Individualized Instruction

-All students are given the Measures of Academic Progress test several times throughout the year. This test differs from the FSA in that in adjusts to the students level. If they answer a question correctly, the next question will be harder. If they answer incorrectly, the next question will be easier until they find a baseline. 

-Each classroom is equipped with a flat screen television, Chromebooks, and headphones for student use. Teachers also have access to tablets and document cameras to enhance student learning.


-We accept a variety of scholarships and also accept families who self-pay tuition. Our Enrollment Director will set an appointment with you, show you around campus, and listen to your child's needs. She will then determine the best fit for the child and assist you through the scholarship process, as needed.

-Our proven success is supported by our 4 other campuses in town. We have 2 campus locations in Orange Park, 1 on the Westside, and one on the Southside of Jacksonville. We serve students with severe disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and more. 


Some additional features of our school include:

  • Music Class
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • On-Site Art Projects with a local artist
  • R.E.A.D. Program (Reading Education Assistance Dog)

Are you ready to take a positive step in the educational future of your child? Schedule a tour to view any of our campus locations today and enroll for free!


The Broach School is a private, 501-c3 school in Jacksonville, FL serving students with disabilities.  For more information about our school, the McKay Scholarship, Gardiner Scholarship, or Step Up For Students Scholarship, please give us a call.

Posted by Shelley Causey

Shelley is the Director of Technology at The Broach School of Jacksonville and lead content contributor to the Broach Buzz Blog. She has a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and a Master's degree in Instructional Technology. Shelley is passionate about empowering parents with resources for children with disabilities and assisting new families learn more about scholarship schools. In addition to the blog, Shelley manages the social media accounts for all of The Broach School company pages.

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